The Real Face of Indian Premier League 2019

The Indian Premier League, started in 2008, is a professional twenty-twenty cricket league. Having run for eleven successful years now, it is the most -attended cricket league in the world. Every year, between the months of April and May, fans spend their time glued to their T.V. screens, supporting their favorite teams, which represent some Indian cities or states.

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IPL was advertised as a marriage between cricket and entertainment. In this marriage, entertainment, I believe, has gained the upper hand, IPL is much more about entertainment than it is about cricket. The actual league is preceded by an auction, organized by the IPL committee and BCCI, where franchises bid on different players to become a part of their teams for the upcoming season.

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IPL 2019 is not a sports league. The actual game and sportsmanship take a backseat and all that is left is a money-making machine. The lakhs and crores spent in this sends shivers down my middle-class spine.

Various businessmen and actors invest and aim to earn as much money as possible-and they have the right ingredients-a combination of celebrities and cricket would never fail to sell in India.

It is this very act of taking advantage of the Indian mentality-poorly developed, in this case-has me hysterical- I just can’t bear to see how the BCCI, the investors and the cricketers are making fools of our cricket-crazed generation, selling them mediocrity.

Women wearing short tops and skirts, dancing on the stage are being called cheerleaders. But they are not, because the aim is to sell this as a vulgar form of entertainment. The objectification is disgusting, and was heavily advertised, shamelessly, in quite a few of the IPL seasons.

IPL, with its beginning, decapitated the real value of sports and of cricket in India, and continues to try and influence to believe that that is what cricket should be like.

However, with more and more athletes, including female athletes participating and winning medals in actual sports tournaments like the Asian games, and being recognized and applauded for it, the initial hype that the Indian Premier League created is dying, and I hope that more space is created for real competitions, which promote what is actually needed-real sports.

Above article was shared by some one and its her thought and our blog just shared the content by her. But In out terms indian premier league is one of the best cricket format In the world.

In this cricket people can enjoy fast cricket is less time. Business idea is also good. we don’t know the name behind this idea but i salute then person whoever is behind this indian premier league IDEA


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