IPL 2019 Auction | Who is Getting More Paid | IPL Auction Prediction

IPL schedule 2019 has announced and Indian Premier League comes  every year and every year we see some thing new, some thing excited. When ever IPL season come we use to thing that what exciting we will see in  this Indian Premier League 2019 , what is new in this season of IPL.

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Which team is going to win , which player will make more runs and most popular thing we talk about “which is player is getting more paid ” In Indian Premier League auction

Every year all the Indian Premier League franchises owner and their team managers take an eye on cricket performance of all the cricket player. IPL franchises owners has a huge team of people who used to take an eye on cricket all over the world.

Basic job of some members is to collect more information about the player which is playing very well in cricket. This is how the first step of auction going internally in Indian Premier League franchises.

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IPL 2019 owner collect all the data about the player who played well this year and make a list of some best from the list to buy from the auction.

In IPL there is a system of auction cricketers in which IPL organizers  use to set a base price of every cricketer and IPL team owners buy some of the best player as per their choice from the auction.

In my point of view auction of a human is not good for our society but this the first thing about IPL is so popular. We know doing an open auction is not so good but thing over “IPL is not selling human, they are selling talent of a human,”

Just thing you went to a job interview and after your performance HR asks you for a salary and you used to go some negotiation and if you like the package then you joined the company.

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Now let’s come to IPL where IPL teams owners are HR and cricket player are you , where You have listed your base price along with your skill set. I think this thing should also happen in real world hiring . But joke a part this is an example of auction

Window of IPL 2019 auction has already opens and trade of players are going on . Player is being shifted from one team to another. Soon official auction will be live in front of you.

So with out wasting your more time let’s talk about the player which is going to paid so high in this IPL season . I am not sure that this player will get higher bidding but if we talk about the performance of this player then defiantly this player deserve the  high biding.

This player has played very well this year and  every selector has an eve on this player. Specially when this player was playing against Indian cricket team. You know that India cricket team is one of the best cricket team in the world and this player was fabulous  in front of Indian player. when this player was playing in india then indian team was in trouble. That’s why i am predicting higher bidding.

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I am talking about the player who comes from West Indies and his name is Shimron Odilon Hetmyer. This is the player who is going to high bid in IPL 2019 auction.

If you are Indian cricket fan and you love Virat koli only then some where you are wrong. If you have see playing Shimron Odilon Hetmyer previously then i am sure you can imagine the performance of this player.  i have seen many matched played of Hetmyer the seen a good potential of cricket.

I am sure if We will keep VIRAT and HETMYER in a live auction then seriously HET will win the auction for high price.

Now when we are talking about the virat so let’s talk about why Virat’s team will pay higher to this player. Every one know that Virat’s team is not performing so well in IPL. They need a good player to manage mid level of cricket. And this is how HETMYER can get more money from Virat’s Team.

This condition is not of Virat’s team only , every team need a player like HETMYER,  Because competition is so high and they need a cricket to fight.

IPL is like Invest more money in player then only you have a good chance to win the IPL. Not only in IPL “every match need a player to win” because player is heart beat of cricket . And we can pay any ting fro our heart beat

So its time to watch that my prediction will be wright or wrong.


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