Corona Impact on IPL 2020 | VIVO IPL To Dream11 IPL

IPL Schedule was changed due to corona. Indian Premier League has been the loved sport event. Indeed Every year in summer the tournament is organised in India. However it involves players from national as well as international crickets. Certainly In 2020 Impact of corona on IPL made many changes. They include, schedule, date and place too. Furthermore corona had changed many things. In this article will analyse how Impact of corona on IPL changed the scenario.

Impact of Corona Insights:

As per the BCCI plan the IPL was arranged in March. With the auction process in December 2019 the initiation begun. Everything was as per plan. In 2nd week of March 2020 India detected the corona positive case. However the atmosphere was bit easy. With the growing days the number started increasing. In metro cities the disease spread with the speed. The never waiting train of Mumbai was stopped.

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Schools Colleges and Companies were empty. The government suggested to get locked in the houses. Board of Control for Cricket was on the release of Tickets booking for IPL. However taking scenario in concern, the process stopped. Meeting were held. Discussions began. Fans were eager for the Dream11IPL 2020. But the impact of Corona on IPL led diverse effects.


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BCCI announced the prolongation of tournament for undefined duration. BCCI Executive narrated on twitter the announcement. He stated that due to exponential growth of cases the IPL 2020 is on wait. However the drastic step taken for the safety.

Players were desperate for their ground. But the situations went beyond control. ET and BCCI were on concern with the matches without viewers and fans.

Executives on Impact of Corona on IPL:

External affair Ministry officer refrain the discussion of cancellation of IPL. However he believed the government should take the necessary steps.

Before the news announced by the governing body there were many rumors. External affairs Ministry thought about the ideal decision for Dream11 IPL. He wanted the final call to stop the unwanted discussions. Meanwhile the previous one-day matches were on hold.

Two one day matches left from the league. As a result the South Africa and India played match in empty stadiums. The match held in Kolkata.

External Affair Minister also stated the fact of International Visas. He added for IPL international players need a special permission.

Sponsor Losses:

Furthermore due to investments and funds the matches were must to conduct. BCCI discussed of having matches in empty stadiums. But the player’s security and so as their family remains at stake.


As per the media reports Owner of Mumbai Indians agreed for the same. Reliance Jio suggested an optimal response to conduct IPL matches in empty stadiums. The home stadium was to be Wankhede Mumbai.

On the contrary the other sponsors and owner were not with the decision. Owner of a team suggested the marketing funds. He added on that if audience is not present then there is no use of sponsors. Media marketing is the concern behind it. Furthermore he added the team and sponsor events have no way for appreciation. Some of the owners clearly mentioned NO Audience means NO matches.

ET declared the profit estimation of around 500 Crore. With the news of pandemic they feared for losses.

China Angle for the impact on IPL 2020 :

Additionally with the emergence of corona from China entire world got with odd feelings. Also china did a mischief act of entering the line of Actual control of India. The attack made the citizens and government to be against China. The harsh feelings aroused.

Vivo a Chinese electronics company dethroned from the official Sponsorship platform. Unlike the previous year it stood as partner. The bid list for new IPL 2020 sponsors was in action. It includes the high reputed firms from the nation. Patanjali, Unacademy, Byjus and Dream11 were few of them.

Finally Dream11 was decided to be the sponsor for the year. Dream11 is the Indian Sport brand.

Finally Dream11 IPL 2020 Live Score:

After so many issue finally the BCCI announced IPL On. IPL is held in UAE. The reason is obvious. Pandemic couldn’t resist the love for sport in India. Fans were happy with the decision. Though fans couldn’t view the match in stadium but can experience it live. Hotstar and TV channels will help them to have a real view.

IPL 2020 is scheduled on 19th September to 10th November. The 2 months tournament will be more energetic. As it faced lot many harsh decisions before.

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