McCullum’s Record might be broke by any Indian In IPL

Some days ago Braden McCullum made fastest hundreds of cricket history. Every person who relates to cricket is so happy with this achievement of McCullum. Some people says this new score is one of the best thing in the cricket history. Indian cricketer Suresh Raina is so happy with this score because Braden is the part of his team and new team known as Gujrat lions. The Gujrat lions is new team into this session of IPL. Suresh Raina is the captain of Gujrat lion’s team.
At the launch event of new t-shirt of this team Suresh Raina was happy and Said “I am so happy with this achievement of McCullum and I hope that the new record will be broke by any Indian cricketers in new session of IPI”. According to Raina McCullum plays without any fear and I am more happy because he Is playing with our team “Gujrat lions” . I think our indian cricket team needs more players like McCullum for one day format of crocket. Our Indian players should learn from McCullum. Further he said that Indian team is so strong in T20 cricket format. We have a long batting line up and many new cricketers. Many newcomers are coming into cricket and especially our bowlers are doing well. He adds that when we was playing with Pakistan we had a long pressure and we win the match with a huge difference.

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Suresh Raina is playing first time as a permanent caption for an IPL team in IPL session. According to him this is a big pressure when you are playing as a caption of team. You have to manage your all team members and at the field you need to take an instant decisions according the batsman. I am working on my performance. I am glad that I am playing with Gujrat. Last year I am playing with Dhoni bhai. Also I have a new competition to make my performance better into T20 world cup and Asia cup. It is an owner that I will fight against our indian team caption Dhoni into IPI session.
Raina said we don’t need to worry about the asia cup because we have some new batmans in out t20 team. We have manish pandaya and hardik . Pandaya is good to make good shots. In our last match he played a very good inning with rohit Sharma and we won the match. I will not forgot the say thanks Virat koli to play like a winner into the cricket against Pakistan into Mirpur. Pakistan’s player Amir was attacking very good. Our top batting linup was into dug our in three overs of the match and virat brings match into our side. Without help of virat this match was so hard for us. I wish best of luck to Amir for his bright cricket career.

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